//which is the best electric breast pump: ameda vs medela breast pumps
which is the best electric breast pump

which is the best electric breast pump: ameda vs medela breast pumps

which is the best electric breast pumpwhich is the best electric breast pump


Here are the reviews of which is the best electric breast pump.There are tons of companies that are lining up to offer different breast pump to the mothers. However sometimes it just not turns into real torture but also waste too much money on something which is not good enough. Along with that, the main purpose behind the buying the electric breast pump also get lost. To reduce the hassle, there are a few things that you need to understand about the breast pump and which one is going to be the best for you.

Basically, there are lots of women who feel difficulty in extracting their milk from the breast at the time of breastfeeding. With the help of electric breast pumps, the machine help in extracting the milk much better and also reduce the discomfort during the suction. Along with that, it is counted as one of the effective options for feeding the kid who finds the suction of milk hard.

Well, there are two basically popular and trusted brands that you get in the market which is ameda breast pump and Medela breast pump. These two are not just attracting lots of attention due to their functions but also listed as one of the popular brands in electric breast pump too.  In order to understand which the best electric breast pump is for you, here are the few things that you must consider.


There are some basic features that you get with these two top brands.  Here is what you can get in Ameda breast pump:

  • Ameda comes with a lightweight and you will find a motor that do one pound only

which is the best electric breast pump


  • The breast pump has the close system, along with that FDA also proved to keep the milk as well as air separate outside
  • For keeping the process safe, you get dual hygiene kit collection system

which is the best electric breast pump

  • Here you don’t get DEHP and also the pump has its battery pack inbuilt

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If you are planning to go with a Medela breast pump, then here are the features that you are going to get:

  • The pump comes with three bag design where you can keep a backpack, tote and metro bag

which is the best electric breast pump

  • For saving time, the pump has two phase technology which able to grasp how much milk should i be producing when exclusively pumping.

which is the best electric breast pump

  • The tote and backup has the built-in battery
  • The pump of metro bag is removable.

For more details you can check our reviews of Medela Breast Pump

Pros & cons;

Both pumps are good in their own way but there are a few things that are stated by the users.  Here are the pros and cons that you should know:

  1. Medela is quite as comparing the ameda pump which is loud. Due to this, it’s difficult to use ameda in working places and any other area.
  2. Medela gives the better fit. But ameda has little bit loose fitting which leads the leaks.
  3. You can fit more numbers of storage bottles in the bag of ameda whereas space is much lesser in Medela
  4. Medela spare parts are easily available in different online or offline marts which make it easy to get the missing things without any hassle.
  5. For keeping the milk safely stored, ameda has the flange where you get the cup too. It’s much easier to store when you are done with pumping

Buying guide

There are comparisons and other things that you need to do because the pumps are expensive. It’s not wise to invest the money without knowing which is the best electric breast pump for the results you are looking for.

  • Check the efficiency and effectiveness of the pump:

Different breast pumps have its own level of efficacy and effectiveness, it’s important to make sure that how often should i pump to increase milk supply.  Comparing the ameda and Medela, they both have equal effectiveness and efficiency.

  • The portability of the machine:

When you are buying the Medela, you will get the go tote however with the Ameda you get to carry all bag option. The more your machine is simple, the better you can carry it around your house as well as other places too.

  • How many hours you’re going to spend on cleaning:

It’s important to make sure that the breast pump is clean and maintain so you can stay safe. However, the pumps have its own features which help you in cleaning the parts much better and hassle-free.  Ameda is straightforward which let you clean directly without any issue however you can find some time-consuming process with the medela. 

  • The price of the breast pumps:

Price is one of the crucial parts which should be considered when you are buying the breast pumps. There is no doubt that breast pumps are effective and helpful but also you have to pay more. When you are considering ameda and medela, there is not a big difference that you get at a price. Both pumps are sturdy and also you get the easy to carry features. But in medela, the detailing is much better which comes with a bag so you can carry it anywhere you like to go.


Electric breast pumps are helpful and hassle-free. However, Medela is little bit better and elegant, also its suits more for working moms. Medela keeps the hassle short and you don’t have to set the system. But for getting extra, you also have to pay a little bit more too. For getting the better customizing options or if you are working from home or housewife, then you can consider buying the ameda.

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