//owlet baby monitor review
owlet baby monitor review

owlet baby monitor review

owlet baby monitor review

owlet baby monitor review highlight regarding activities of your baby’s including a unique device that incorporates state-of-the-art technologies to keep you informed of how your baby is doing.


1) Heart Rate Tracking

Owlet Baby Monitor incorporates a sensor that accurately tracks your baby heart rate. Baby’s pulse is a key vital sign that may alert you about respiratory problems like difficulty to breathe. Having a sensor that constantly monitors your baby pulse is a great proactive measure that can help you prevent a risk situation.

owlet baby monitor review

2) Oxygen Levels Tracking

In a similar way that the pulse rate, Owlet Baby Monitor also includes an oxygen level sensor. This is another key vital sign, especially in newborns, because can alert you about situations that can be easily overlooked. A low oxygen level can cause confusion, restlessness, rapid breathing, but also dizziness and lack of coordination. By tracking oxygen levels you can detect suspicious patterns and take action in a timely manner.

3) Proactive Notifications

owlet baby monitor review describes  about mobile application that can send an alert in case your baby pulse or oxygen levels go outside acceptable limits. That offers great peace of mind to parents while allowing them to sleep better.

4) Sleep Data Reporting

Another great feature of the Owlet Baby Monitor mobile application is the trends report. You can review several aspects like heart rate, movement, total time slept, sleep quality, and more. This offers you the possibility to analyze trended data over time and help your children to develop a healthy and deep sleep.

5) Smart Base Station

Owlet Baby Monitor comes with a Smart Base Station that serves as a charging station for the sock sensor but most importantly, it brings visual alerts changing its color depending on the situation. A bright green color indicates that everything is fine, pulse and oxygen levels are within the acceptable threshold, while a yellow light is a sign for checking the sock connectivity. In a similar way, a red light is an indication of alert, in most cases a parameter out of its normal value.

6) Historical Data Insights

All this technology, all the information delivered by the owlet baby monitor review can be reviewed as historical data. This is very helpful to check patterns, or to send a screenshot to the family doctor for his opinion.

7) Generation 2 Smart Sock

The data gathered by the Owlet Baby Monitor application comes from its exclusive Smart Sock. The new Gen 2 offers a better grip than the previous iteration achieving better and more accurate results.

8) High Quality

Owlet Baby Monitor is the best baby movement monitor which is built using top quality materials and electronic components, assuring a reliable operation and reporting 24/7.



+     High-tech product

+     Peace of mind for parents

+     Smart alerts

+     Rechargeable sensor and base station

–     Connectivity range may vary depending on your nursery location.

Owlet Baby Monitor is not like the traditional audio monitors or baby video monitors. It’s a high-tech baby monitor for the new century, bringing many features that guarantee that your baby is safe and in good health.

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