//medela breast pump reviews
medela mini electric breast pump review

medela breast pump reviews

medela breast pump reviews

Here is our medela breast pump reviews, which is one of the highly recommended breast pump products in all of the U.S.A. It has proven to be effective and reliable over the years. It is uses the latest technology to enhance the pumping process with a double electric design. It is convenient for daily use as mom can pump several times in a single day. The advancements from the previous version were timely and relevant. The newly patented, research-based 2-phase expression technology can produce higher levels of milk in less time. It is now efficient thanks to the maximized flow.

Due to these improvements, the Medela pump has some experienced a major rise in demand among users. Both new mothers and loyal ones have ordered for the new version. As a result, it quickly runs out of stock on Amazon. Here is a high competition, which keeps it going. Only the lucky ones to get first get the product.


  • Microfiber bag

breast pump reviews

  • 5oZ breast milk bottle and lids
  • Ice pack
  • Cooler bag

medela mini electric breast pump review

  • 9-volt AC adapter
  • Double pumping kit with 24mm breast shields

medela mini electric breast pump review

  • Battery pack
  • Two-phase expression technology
  • Highly portable

medela breast pump reviews will let you to grasp the best thing about Medela breast pump that comes with all the tools you need to start pumping. It is ready for use on purchase. All the features will be integrated with only few delicate parts set aside for an easy fix when you need to use. The tubes and valves to allow quick use; the valves and membranes are also sterilized, you don’t have to fear about skin irritation or contamination of the milk. The maintenance features are top-notch and incomparable to other brands in the market.

Breast shield is the distinguishing feature of this breast pump. It is not only an accessory but a useful tool that ensures your baby gets constant supply of nutrients in proper manner. Another interesting feature of the Medela breast pump is the cooler with ice pack. The cooler easily fits within the tote; the ice pack is also designed to specifically match the size of 4 bottles in the cooler. The 4 bottles are in a definite position and there is no chance of falling or leaking even when moving rigorously.

All of the parts included in the pump have basic operations. Unlike other pumps like ameda breast pump that come with hundreds of parts, you don’t need any technical skill to fix or remove the valves for cleaning the Medela breast pump. To fix the pump on your breast is also easy. It is all about attaching it and pressing the on button. There is no manual provided because you don’t need it.

Pros Cons
Effective for daily use The tote bags are not perfect
Easy to clean Noisy pump
Highly portable The open design necessitates regular cleaning and replacement of the tubes for effectiveness in daily use
Variety of styles depending on user preferences The pump is relatively heavy, you can review as alternative, another most favorite breast pump that is amdea breast pump
Affordable parts  
The equipment is easy to fix and use  
Value at affordable price  

What mothers think about the Pump

Breast pumps have the same mechanism and mothers have similar needs except when it comes to skin sensitivity and frequency of use. It is important to understand why the Medela pump is rated highly compared to other brands in the market. Most of the features are universal with breast pumps but the manufacturer must have gone an extra mile to focus on user needs and preferences.

Most mothers think this is the best and will vote for it anytime. The In Style Advanced model is not only special because of the Metro bag style that allows easy pumping from the tote but it is also friendly to the skin. Now that all breast pumps focus on effectiveness in drawing milk consistently, mothers are more concerned about sensitivity and durability.

The pump is designed for everyday use; in fact, you will not need to replace any part until you are done with breast-feeding. Yes, it is that efficient. Most mothers like the flexibility in cleaning; the valves are not too sensitive to cleaning options. Also, you can clean it as many times as you want without compromising on quality of milk or effectiveness of its features.

Cleaning breast pumps is crucial because it determines quality of milk as well as protects your baby from any form of infection. Kids are sensitive hence need for extra care. This Medela pump has integrated this fact in the design process hence the popularity among mothers across the world.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions& answers)

  • Can I use it full time?

Yes, you can use it 7 days a week for as long as you think your child needs breast milk

  • Does the cost match its value?

No brand can compare to its effectiveness and efficiency. It is worth the price in every way.

  • Where can I buy it?

Go to the Medela official site or Amazon

  • Is it safe for my baby?

The closed system ensures the milk is safe. You are also free from skin irritation and any form of discomfort.

  • How is it different?

You can remove the Metro and replace it on another pump bag


If you will be away from your baby, the In Style Advanced breast pump won’t disappoint.  The fact that you have control over the suction; it is the best in the market.High rating and countless testimonials from mothers support its efficiency.

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