//how to use medela breast pump
how to use medela breast pump;

how to use medela breast pump

how to use medela breast pump
Do you know how to use medela breast pump? For working and busy mothers, the Medela Pump is one of the most trusted to help you get regular breast milk for your baby. It comes in different designs and types like the Medela Pump In Style Advanced that mimics real sucking motion of babies.

Let’s go ahead and check our article of how to use electric breast pump as like as medela breast pump:

Key Features

  • 2-Phase Expression technology;
  • Microfiber bag that holds everything you need to pump;
  • Portable, easy to carry and pump
  • Comes with all necessary accessories;
  • Double pumping kit with 24mm breast shields;
  • One backup battery pack;
  • Single knob speed/vacuum control for comfy pump settings.
Pros Cons
Suitable for multiple time pumping Heavier than other pumps
Easy to clean Pricey comparatively
Fast way to get breast milk
Can be powered using a car adapter
Can pump both breasts simultaneously


how to use medela electric breast pump;

how to use medela breast pump

  1. Get familiar with the Medela Pump In Style Advanced to know how it functions and buttons;
  2. Find a comfy place to relax;
  3. Wash your hand for optimum hygiene;
  4. Fix the breast cover on your breast with your nipples centrally
  5. positioned in it as tugging could result in damage;
  6. Put on the breast cover support attachment or hold it with your hand as preferred;
  7. Turn the machine on to start pumping; it will begin in fast-paced stimulation for the breast to produce milk;
  8. When you see the milk coming out, press the expression button to send the pump to its second phase where it’s slower than the before, but if you forgot to push it, it would start automatically after two minutes;
  9. Adjust the speed knob to have a comfortable feel as the pumping continues;
  10. Remove the breast cover when you are done, but don’t turn off the pump yet; allow it to run to enable vacuum motion to dry excess condensation to prevent mold;
  11. Cap the milk bottle and store safe and hygiene place for your baby;
  12. After the excess condensation has dried, dismantled and clean the pump for next use!


Buying guide

Some breast pumps are beautiful on paper, but not in use; after purchasing a pump, you discover a series of problems from weak suction to inefficient operation and power issues.

You need to ascertain the versatility of the product to make sure you have a pump that can serve you well throughout.

Some of the things to consider before buying a breast pump include the Type to know how well is it performing in the market. After that, you want to have a pump that is Comfortable for you and of course you will need to consider the Cost and Portability.


Buying an essential product like a breast pump for baby feeding needs a thorough search; this is why we have dedicated quality time to medela breast pump reviews on our site when considering breast pumps such as the Medela Breast Pump needs you to think of so many things before buying.

From our pump buying guide, you need to place importance on the use and the products ability to meet your need.

We discuss the ‘Medela Pump In Style Advanced in this guide because of its versatility and the comfort it provides for working and busy moms who take the responsibility to ensure healthy growth of their baby while pursuing their daily activities.

Therefore, we recommend you check out this product for your use.

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