//how to open graco stroller

how to open graco stroller

how to open graco click connect stroller

Parenting isn’t just a responsibility but also a skill which you need to work upon. One of the first things you buy for your newborn is a stroller. When you buy a Graco stroller, the first challenge will hit your will be that how to open graco stroller. Well, for starters you must know that is tricky and has the learning curve which will grow on eventually. You must learn about the installation & opening of Graco Strollers.

Installation Guide: Single Stroller Vs Double Stroller

There are two different types of Graco Strollers manufactured which require two different procedures to open it. Learning how to open graco stroller also depends upon which one you have or going to buy. Single strollers are particularly for one baby whereas with double stroller, two babies can be facilitated.

Single Strollers

how to fold graco stroller

With single strollers, you need to put the stroller on the ground or a flat surface where wheels are supposed to be on ground. The handles should be facing upwards. You will see the buttons placed on the outer side bars of the stroller which you need to press and snap the handle upwards. You should pull the hand bars upwards until you hear a sound of ‘click’. Now release the side latches to open up the either side of the stroller. You need to locate the centre of the stroller where it is holding up together to make sure that it won’t snap open while you carrying it. Now all you need to do is hold the stroller with your hand and use other hand to pull it upwards until you hear the ‘click’ again. Now you’re Graco Single Stroller is opened to use.

Double Stroller

how to fold graco stroller

The starting is the same as with Single Stroller where you are suppose to put in on the ground. Make sure the handle is facing upwards and wheels are on the ground. Now you need to locate the storage latch present between the handlebars and top of the stroller. The button, you find will of oval shape. With pressing the button, also remove the safety strap from the stroller’s latch. Those straps are what holding it together for easier portability. To open the Graco Stroller, you need to remove the strap and press the button. Again the similar step done with the Single stroller, you need to pull the handlebars upwards until you hear a ‘click’. If you have bought new one, it will take some time to be more easily usable as you might find it stiff at first time. You will be more use to open a Graco Stroller by the time passes. Newer models are getting better at this. Graco Roadmaster Jogging Stroller has the quicker installation and faster unfolding time. There are other differences in procedures for folding it as well depending upon the model you have. You must check the model numbers of the Graco Strollers to understand which procedure will work for you to either fold it or unfold it as well.

How to fold graco stroller:  Newer Models Vs Older Models

how to open graco click connect stroller

In different models of Graco Stroller, you should know require particular kind of procedures to fold it. However, newer models are more convenient to open or fold in the one go. So you have to go through two different kinds of methods or procedures for older and new models. Here are step by step guide to fold a Graco Stroller:

For Older Models 

Step 1:You need to set the brakes of the stroller. Use your foot to push down the lever at the rear wheels. It will fix the stroller at its place.

Step 2: Now, lock the front wheels. In some models, you will find front swivel wheel lock mechanism. All you need to do is push the stroller bit forward where front wheels will be at the same direction and use the small lever to fix it.

Step 3: Fold or Collapse the Canopy by tugging it gently, pulling back to its position as folded.

Step 4:  Now recline the stroller by pushing the seat backwards. Some of models do require unlocking the latches as well.

Step 5: Find the low handle near the wheels or the seat base. Some models have button at the centre to push the handle. By pushing handle inwards or downwards, you will fold it together.

For Newer Models

Step 1:  Graco Strollers are one-hand or one-step folding strollers which can be collapsed or folded by just removing the car seats. For that, you also need to un-strap it as well.

Step 2:  Collapse or tug in the canopy which can be easily done by using holding handles and collapse it against it.

Step 3:  You need to tug the straps found beneath at the seats to fold the stroller.


If you miss to understand the manual or instructions, you can mistakenly push wrong buttons or release any latch. Giving it multiple attempts will be just struggling with it, so it is better to get through the learning guide about Graco Stroller Installation, Folding & Unfolding. So here’s the all help you need to do that.


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