//how to clean baby bottles: Complete Guidelines for washing Bottles
how to clean baby bottles

how to clean baby bottles: Complete Guidelines for washing Bottles

how to clean baby bottles

You must know how to clean baby bottles, because bottles are very important and commonly used accessory for the first year of the babies. The immune system of the babies is not fully developed and they are prone to infections. As a result, the baby bottles should be cleaned thoroughly and if required sterilized also before use. It will protect the infants from infections and related diseases.

how to wash baby bottles

Cleaning the baby bottles is important part of hygiene practice for feeding infants. The following steps should be followed for cleaning baby bottles:

Thoroughly Rinse the Bottle

The different parts of the baby bottles should be removed and washed thoroughly with water. This is important as there may be considerable bacteria growth due to accumulation of old milk between the nipple and the ring.

Wash in Hot Water

The bottle parts should be then washed properly in hot water. Mild detergent can be added to the hot water for cleaning the bottle parts better. The bottle parts can be left for few minutes to soak the soapy water.

Clean with Bottle Brush

The bottle parts then should be cleaned with a bottle cleaning brush. Using a sponge or cloth won’t be suitable as it won’t reach the inner parts of the bottle. A bottle cleaning brush will ensure proper cleaning.

Sterilize the Bottle

Sterilizing the baby bottles is an additional hygiene measure apart from cleaning the baby bottles. It provides extra and better protection from germs and ensures baby’s safety. New bottles should be sterilized without fail. In some cases when the baby has been sick, or there is lack of clean drinking water, the sterilization process can be done regularly. The different methods for sterilizing baby bottles are discussed below:

Sterilization with Boiling Water

how to clean baby bottles

Simplest method to sterilize baby bottles is by boiling. The bottle should be submerged in water inside a vessel or pot. The bottle should be put upside down and should be checked for any air bubbles in the bottom. The water should be boiled for few minutes, after which the bottle should be removed and left to air dry.

Sterilization with Chemicals

Baby bottles can be sterilized with chemicals like bleach. Small quantity of unscented bleach should be added in hot water. The bottle should be submerged in the solution upside down by avoiding any air bubbles in the bottom. The bottle should be soaked in the solution for few minutes and then left in open to air dry. It should not be rinsed as any bleach will quickly vanish during air drying.

Sterilization with Steam

how to clean baby bottles

Baby bottles can be sterilized using steam in a microwave or electric sterilizer. The bottle should be placed upside down in the sterilizer and then water should be added before turning on the sterilizer. The bottle should be left in the sterilizer for the recommended time period. It can be removed and used when required.

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in our reviews of how to clean baby bottles, we have given more importance regarding protecting infants from infections and diseases. Clean and hygienic bottles contribute positively to the health and well-being of infants. Though sterilizing the bottles though is not mandatory regularly, new baby bottles should be sterilized before using. They can be sterilized by boiling water, steam, and chemicals. Sterilizing provides additional safety for protecting the infants from any infections.

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