//how to clean a stroller: the best way of cleaning a stroller
how to wash a stroller

how to clean a stroller: the best way of cleaning a stroller

how to wash a stroller

Here are the reviews of how to clean a stroller. Strollers are more exposed to dirty because of their mode of use. Strollers are used to carry babies when mothers are going out or used indoor when the mother is busy. A well-used stroller gets dirty quickly and looks so odd immediately after use but fear not. The maintenance is not hard; all you need is to tidy up the fabric and the stroller frame so your child will be safe and healthy and your stroller will run smoothly.

The Tools for cleaning a stroller

  • Hoover or nozzle
  • Terrycloth towels
  • A bowl or bucket
  • Warm water
  • laundry soap or detergent
  • water brush
  • soiled areas or dry places

Let’s go ahead and know regarding how to clean a stroller by following few step by step guide will have your stroller looking spotless in no time;

  1. Clear away the crumbs: use a portable hoover or nozzle attached to your household vacuum to help you suck off all the bits from your child’s seat.

how to wash a stroller

  1. Brush up fabrics: scrub the entire fabric area with soap, water brush, and detergent with a terry cloth towels and don’t forget to clean other areas that require special attention most especially the soiled areas.
  2. Freshen the frames: inspect the parking brake and make sure the metal and plastic area of the stroller is kept clean from any debris like dirt leaves and hair.

how to wash a stroller

  1. Clean the wheels: the wheels are the tires that the strollers use to walk on the ground, so they are bound to be dirtier than any other part of the stroller. Inspect the wheels to be sure the tires are healthy for use and properly inflated.

how to wash a stroller

  1. Storage success: keep the stroller in a safe and clean environment to prevent rust and mold from attacking it. Don’t fold the stroller when it is wet or damp and always ensure the stroller is dry before storing.

how to wash a stroller

  1. Separate the removal parts: There are different parts exist in a stroller as like as cup holder, trays, wheels etc. you should detach these parts carefully for cleaning easily.

how to wash a stroller



A cleaning and good quality stroller is an advantage for mothers who want to take a walk with their babies. Carrying the baby in your hands can be a lot stressful for both the baby and the mother but with the help of a clean stroller the mother will be free, and the baby will enjoy its freedom.


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